The Why Not You Foundation was established to empower change in the world, one individual at a time, and one child at a time.

The Why Not You Foundation was launched in 2014 by Russell Wilson and is dedicated to creating real and lasting change in the world by motivating, empowering and preparing today’s youth to be tomorrow’s leaders.

As a child, Russell’s father challenged him to approach life with a “why not you” attitude. Through the Why Not You Foundation, Russell intends to share that attitude by encouraging and challenging today’s youth to embrace opportunities, overcome obstacles and make a positive impact throughout their lives.

In addition to financially supporting organizations aligned with the foundation’s mission, Russell works to extend the foundation’s impact by making visits to Seattle Children’s, advocating for pediatric cancer through Strong against Cancer, working with the National Domestic Violence Hotline to Pass the Peace, as well as many others.

Thank you for your interest in the foundation and we hope you will join us on our mission to empower change in the world, one individual at a time, one child at a time.

We have the chance to change the world. Let’s do it together.




A Message from Russell

Thank you for your interest in learning more about my foundation and our mission.

Our foundation is, first and foremost, about kids.

It’s about inspiring kids to believe in themselves. Encouraging them to believe in their future. And convincing them that anything is possible, no matter where they come from and what challenges are in their path.

My father, Harrison Wilson III, instilled the “why not you” philosophy in me at an early age with an emphasis on service, community and believing in one’s individual potential to achieve great things.

He always told me to believe in myself. To believe that I could make the team, I could achieve my goals, I could do it no matter the challenges or obstacles in my way.

Through the foundation, I plan to honor my father’s message, give back to the communities that have done so much for me, and inspire today’s youth, who will become tomorrow’s leaders, to think BIG. To think Why not you? Why not me? Why not us?

I invite you to join us on our mission. Together, I truly believe we can make a difference.



Russell Wilson
Why Not You Foundation, Founder

To learn more about everything else Russell Wilson, please visit, russellwilson3.com.