The Why Not You Foundation is Thrilled To Announce a Social Spotlight

We are excited to showcase our generous donors and learn about why they supported the work and mission of the Foundation. Every month, we will share the story of an individual who has made a meaningful donation. These gifts range in size and highlight the passion, dedication to community and the ‘why not you’ attitude to show that no matter what you give, every level of donation has an impact.

The first donor we are excited to highlight is Wanda Hart. Wanda lives in Long Beach, California and learned of the Why Not You Foundation back in November 2018 when we launched a giving campaign on social media in honor of Russell’s 30th birthday.


Wanda’s inspiration for donating came from the desire to find an organization that she could support via her employee giving program at work. When she saw the giving campaign post on Russell’s Instagram page, she was enthusiastic about our message to encourage young people in the community. Since then, she’s been donating $33 out of every paycheck to the Why Not You Foundation. Wanda notes that her personal philanthropic goal is to simply “do her part”. She believes every little bit helps, and right she is. The power of change in our world takes a collective approach, both big and small. We can all be agents of impact in our community.

To Wanda, ‘Why Not You?’  has a personal significance, incited by her love for motivating others, but even more deeply by seeking to motivate herself from the inside out. Wanda believes she can dream and accomplish great things at any age or stage of life. “It’s a powerful message for young people and adults too”. From all of us at the Why Not You Foundation, we extend the sincerest thank you to you, Wanda, and encourage everyone out there to lead an inspired life too!