Meet 10-year-old Jasper Lytle


It’s time for the second edition of Faces of Why Not You. This month, you will meet 10-year-old Jasper Lytle. Jasper lives in Seattle, WA and attends Spruce Street School in the vibrant Downtown/South Lake Union neighborhood. He first heard about the Why Not You Foundation in the fall of 2017, when his mother Mary launched a philanthropic partnership benefiting the Foundation through her clothing line, Humble Warrior.

Jasper’s inspiration for donating came from a program his mother has instituted at home, where Jasper is given $3/week to allocate to three jars with separate intentions for each jar: “share” “save” and “spend”.  Jasper used the funds in his “share” jar to donate $33 to the Why Not You Foundation. Specifically, he was motivated to give to the Why Not You Foundation because of our close relationship with Seattle Children’s Hospital. He wanted to donate his money to a place that would have a positive impact on children living with cancer.

Jasper loves that the “why not you” message came from Russell’s father, and he knows that Russell works hard every day to emulate this inspiring idea and way of thinking. Jasper too hopes to achieve great things in his life. Once again, a big thank you to you, Jasper, from all of us at the Why Not You Foundation!