Celebrating our 2018 Beneficiary Partners

In addition to our annual work with Seattle Children’s, Strong Against Cancer and Friends of the Children, this year we have awarded Foundation grants to three additional organizations – all who support our focus of addressing poverty, education, health and wellness, and girl empowerment. Each of these nonprofit organizations, Bellevue LifeSpring, Rainier Scholars and Rwanda Girls Initiative, are exceptional in their efforts to inspire, motivate and empower kids in our community.

Throughout 2018 we will be exploring and sharing the impact that each of these amazing organizations has in our community, as well as the impact of our investment with each of them.

Bellevue LifeSpring

The first beneficiary we’ll feature later this month is Bellevue LifeSpring. Often times the words ‘Bellevue’ and ‘Eastside’ seem to be used with words like ‘abundance, wealthy and rich.’ However, amazingly enough, one in five children in the Bellevue School District is living in poverty – 3,600 students. Bellevue LifeSpring
is there to support these kids and their families with access to basic needs like food, clothing and shelter so they can focus on their education and achieve stability. For more information visit www.bellevuelifespring.org.

Rainier Scholars

Another of the Foundation beneficiaries we’ll be highlighting this summer is Rainier Scholars. This is an amazing group of students who are under-represented on college campuses and in leadership pools in our country. They are hard-working and determined to become the first in their family to earn a college degree and pave the way for generations to come. Through intensive academic preparation, leadership development and personalized support, the program increases college graduation rates and empowers new generations of leaders. In addition to academics, Rainier Scholars focuses on building critical thinking skills, embracing cultural identity and developing resilience.

Founded in 2000, the organization currently serves more than 700 students of color and has facilitated over 500 professional internships. For more information, visit: www.rainierscholars.org.


Rwanda Girls Initiative

This summer and fall we will introduce you to an organization that’s making a difference in the lives of girls, their families and our world: the Rwanda Girls Initiative.

The Rwanda Girls Initiative’s mission is to educate and empower girls in Rwanda to reach their highest potential. The organization strives to cultivate inspired leaders with a love of learning and a sense of economic empowerment to strengthen their communities and foster Rwanda’s growth. To learn more visit www.rwandagirlsinitiative.org.

We are very proud to partner with these exceptional organizations over the coming year and look forward to bringing you along as we support, inspire, empower and impact each of these kids and their families to make for a better community, and a better world.