A special day For the Why Not You Foundation


Today is a special day for the Why Not You Foundation.

It is the first time, in our brief history, that we are actively inviting the greater community to join us on our mission to engage, inspire and motivate today’s youth. And, we wanted to do it in a fun way that we knew Russell’s fans, donors and the 12th Man would enjoy.

We have partnered with the Costacos Brothers, John and Tock, who rose to fame in the 80’s and ‘90’s with their iconic sports star posters. The Costacos Brothers designed upwards of 800 posters and sold over 30 million prints until their retirement in 1996. This past May, they came out of retirement for this unique project, to produce a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind Russell Wilson poster.

Each poster sold represents a direct contribution to the Why Not You Foundation and the organizations we support.

Each poster sold means that we can provide more financial support to organizations aligned with our mission, such as Seattle Children’s and Friends of the Children.

It means initiatives like Pass the Peace and Strong Against Cancer will have wider reach.

In addition to these great organizations and initiatives, we also plan to fund programs that have children at the core of their mission. These programs will encourage students to finish school, motivate kids to achieve their dreams, and inspire people of all ages to have BIG goals.  Through these partnerships we’ll be able to engage more people with our simple message:  Why Not You?

We’re excited to have this unique way for fans and supporters to engage and learn more about the foundation. We may be in our infancy as an organization, but we have lofty goals and we know that we’ll need community-wide support to achieve them.

Thank you for visiting the foundation. Thank you for supporting the foundation. And, thank you for helping spread the Why Not You philosophy throughout our communities.