Never give up on your dreams.

The Why Not You Foundation would like to thank local artist Kate Neckel for her wonderful work bringing to life the visions of eight young patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Kate joined Russell on one of his Tuesday visits to Seattle Children’s and came away with the inspiration for his special cleats - Dreams. She and Russell visited a variety of patients, spoke to them about the importance of having big dreams, and always striving to accomplish them. They also asked each kid about their personal dreams, and resolved to bring those dreams to life in a very special way, by putting those aspirations on a Nike cleat for all to see. Russell wore these special cleats during the victory against the Eagles. The dreams so beautifully depicted include swimming with a shark, having a roller coaster that circles the earth, owning a flying car, driving a race car in Le Mans, discovering a new animal, owning a puppy, and having super powers. Kate loved witnessing the energy and joy that Russell brings with him when he enters the hospital rooms of the young patients.

Many dreams were realized with this pair of cleats – the dreams of the eight children, Russell’s dream of an inspirational cleat, and Kate’s dream of designing a beautiful cleat.